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  1. mike022

    Bourbon-Maple barrel First

    Hello all, I just purchased a whiskey barrel that was used for Vermont maple syrup aging directly from the syrup maker. I have never aged my beer in oak and have many questions. The first question is how to prep the barrel for my first brew? I have read a lot that says use boiling water only...
  2. M

    Which rum goes with sugar maple spirals?

    Hi! I’ve never used rum in a stout and i’ve never used maple spirals so any recommendations what type of rum would go with maple?? Or should it be bourbon? Any other tips for a adjucts? Thanks!
  3. HemlockHomebrewer

    feedback on maple/spruce recipe idea

    I'm trying to come up with a recipe for a maple porter using spruce and maple sap. (We're tapping our own trees.) I've never used maple sap or spruce before -- any advice? Here's my idea for a recipe: Boil: 2 gal. maple sap 6 lbs. light malt extract 1 lbs. black patent malt 1 oz...