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  1. secretlevel

    How to (Successfully) Brew with Maple Syrup - My story of trial and error

    I have tried pretty much all of the methods to try to get maple flavor in my beers. I've done a maple as priming sugar, maple-aged oak staves, fenugreek seed beer, maple extract beer, maple in primary, maple in secondary, maple soup, maple gumbo... just kidding about the last two. You get the...
  2. D

    Getting Maple Syrup Flavor & Working with Bacon

    Maple syrup is a fully fermentable sugar, so brewing with maple syrup will contribute to the alcohol content of your beer, but not necessarily the flavor. Whether you add the maple syrup to the mash, boil or bottle, brewing yeast will remove all of that natural taste. Luckily a few little tricks...