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  1. H

    Co-Pitch Saison Yeast Quantity

    Will be brewing a new saison this weekend (recipe below). Curious if anyone has experience w/ Mangrove Jack's French Saison yeast? Plan is a co pitch with Imperial Rustic and a small portion of the french. Specifically looking for opinions of the amount of french to use since french can take...
  2. T

    Struggling newbie! Help!

    Ok so im just getting starting with basic home brewing. I bought a Mangroves Jacks craft beer kit. First brew was a golden larger and turned out terrible. Insanely fizzy where it would just turn completely to foam and taste metallic?? I figured i had bottled it too early so it was still...
  3. Andreas Eliasson

    Mangrove Jack's NZ Pilsner - Dry hop

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I've just started brewing my 4th batch of beer - a NZ pilsner this time (Mangrove Jacks). I'm going to dry hop it with some Cascade hops together with the hops that are included in the kit (Nelson Salvin, Pacific Jade and Motueka). What are your experiences...