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  1. S

    Mango IPA recipe suggestions

    Hello Guys, First I would like to thank you guys, I am learning a lot from the forum. You are awesome! I have been itching to try a Mango IPA and have mixed a few recipes I found online here and looking for suggestions and tips. This will be my fourth batch so not an expert. Speciality Grains...
  2. H

    Sour seltzer!

    Hello! So I’m pretty new to this whole form thing. I’ve been brewing home brew for about a year now and haven’t tried any type of sour yet. I just started a batch of seltzer and really thought a sour seltzer would be the bomb so I pitched the sugar and flavour mixture with a “wild brew sour...
  3. MaxTheSpy

    Peach Mango

    Hello Everyone! I brewed a Peach Mango mead for the first time, I've brewed tonnes of other meads before but never Peach and Mango. I tried it for the first time and its about 10% ABV Right now and is absolutely delicious. I thought I would share my Recipe with you all. It makes 1 gallon...
  4. ghast

    Mango Pale Ale

    Boil: 7.5gal Batch: 5gal Malts: Pale Ale (12lbs) Crystal 40L (2lbs) Hops: Galaxy 0.5oz @60 Azacca 0.5oz @15 Galaxy 1oz @0 Azacca 2oz @Dry hop (1 week before bottling) Other additions: Mango (heat it up on the stove, and let it cool on the freezer) (1 week before bottling) Yeast: US-05...
  5. HomeBrewMasterRace

    New Project - Honey Mango Hefeweizen

    Hi All, I'm working on a new beer recipe and was interested to see what you all think. It's currently fermenting so it's going to be more of an explanation so we'll see how this goes. I started out with 7.5 lbs of American Wheat (american because i started making it on the 4th) 3 lbs of...
  6. G

    How to make mango cider

    I've been lurking on this site for a while now not contributing much so thought I'd rectify that. I'm still very much a home brewing novice, but there's one thing I might have some useful input on - mango cider. I'm originally from the southwest of England, so deep cider country. But I'm...
  7. tripleD

    B-Nektar Necro Clone Recipe

    I have fallen in love with the Necro mead from B-Nektar. I had been drinking their Zombie Killer for months but finally tried the Necro last weekend and it is AMAZING!! My wife, who hardly ever drinks, wants me to make a batch. I have made 20 batches of ales and ciders but have never attempted a...