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  1. E

    Sprouted grains

    I've found a source for sprouted millet. And I'm wondering if anyone knows if sprouted millet would be equal to malted millet, or a pale millet malt? I malt my own millet at home and I know that you have to sprout millet so the shoot is about double the length of the grain. And I don't know at...
  2. S

    Adventures in Home Malting

    When I first started reading about brewing in earnest, I noticed that the words written about malting were rarely favorable, more often veering toward discouragement. Tedious, labor-intensive, and lengthy were the consensus; it requires too much space and immaculate hygiene, said home-brewing...
  3. G

    Wild Wheat?

    Hey Everyone! I live in Central Oregon and was hoping for some clarification on what this grain is? It looks like wild wheat to me, but I get mixed information when I try googling it so I'm hoping to get some input. If it is wild wheat I plan on attempting to malt a small 1-2lb batch of it and...
  4. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Ep- 9 DIY Malting

    I am always looking for DIY projects to feature on this show. When I saw some of the things the Giovannni Giannetti had built as part of his home malting process I knew I had to have him be a guest. So today we are going to talk about the process of home malting and talk about some of the...
  5. frankvw

    How do low-temperature enzymes survive kilning?

    As I understand it (I may be wrong) the lower the temperature at which an enzyme works, the lower the temperature at which it is denatured. Beta-glucanase, protease and peptidase, to name a few, work at fairly low temperatures, and when you mash at regular saccharification temperatures these...