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malting at home

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  1. sudeeshrao

    Problems In Malting My Own Grain

    Hi, Am glad for being part of this community. I am a beginner in brewing, though am brewing for past 2 years but my brewing activities are limited to only doing experiments with fruits only. I tried a grain batch with barley and wheat but it didn't came out very well. Since I am from a place...
  2. Frank-the-Tank

    Can Pilsner malt be too dry?

    I just finished my malt kiln built after Brewing Beer The Hard Way’s design with the computer fan and electric fry pan. My computer fan was too powerful with its 12v power supply and the temp never got above 27C, but my Pilsner malt went from 35% after germination down to 6% in just 11 hours! I...