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    Overfermented Cider but with malolactic

    This year's Cider I decided I'd try and speed things along a little by adding some commercial wine makers malolactic bacteria to get my ph3.1 up a little. It's been at it a month with lots of small bubbles and it's pretty much depleted. the cider was at sg 1.020 campden'ed to kill of the yeast...
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    Starting a malolactic - with or without adding malocid?

    Hi, i want my cider to go through malolactic fermentation(?) But i was wondering if this is something that will happen by itself (if so, how?!) or do i have to add some kind of malolactic bacteria - like malocid = How...
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    Adding MLF bacteria for controlled secondary fermentation

    So there doesn't seem to be a ton of information on MLF when it comes to cider, but I've found a wealth of information on wine making sites and forums that urge a controlled Malo-lactic fermentation by pitching in known strains of bacteria that are on the market. I found an interview with one...