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    Preventing malolactic fermentation with pH

    I know that when trying to put a wine through malolactic fermentation (MLF), it's important to ensure the pH isn't too low, with 3.4 being a typical minimum for commercial strains. I want to prevent MLF in a wine with a natural pH of 2.75. Is it therefore a safe bet that the low pH will prevent...
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    Where to buy malolactic bacteria cultures in the UK

    Can anyone recommend a good source of freeze-dried malolactic bacteria in the UK? It seems cultures are readily available in brew shops in the USA but searching eBay or Amazon in the UK for things like "CH16" or "malolactic bacteria" draws a blank. Am I searching for the wrong thing, or do home...
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    Overfermented Cider but with malolactic

    This year's Cider I decided I'd try and speed things along a little by adding some commercial wine makers malolactic bacteria to get my ph3.1 up a little. It's been at it a month with lots of small bubbles and it's pretty much depleted. the cider was at sg 1.020 campden'ed to kill of the yeast...
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    Starting a malolactic - with or without adding malocid?

    Hi, i want my cider to go through malolactic fermentation(?) But i was wondering if this is something that will happen by itself (if so, how?!) or do i have to add some kind of malolactic bacteria - like malocid = How...
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    Adding MLF bacteria for controlled secondary fermentation

    So there doesn't seem to be a ton of information on MLF when it comes to cider, but I've found a wealth of information on wine making sites and forums that urge a controlled Malo-lactic fermentation by pitching in known strains of bacteria that are on the market. I found an interview with one...