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  1. J

    Boiling Mash Post Conversion to Mimic Decoction Maillard Reactions

    Hi All. I've searched the forums and havent seemed to find quite the topic I'm referring to here so I was curious. Has anyone ever tried boiling the mash after a sacch rest to attain some of the caramelization type flavors achieved in a decoction mash? This is assuming you've held for the full...
  2. X

    HERMS, Decoction...and Rice Hulls

    I bought a Blichmann ProPilot 10 gallon electric HERMS system last summer and have been working my way through many of my favorite recipes since then. Big adjustments on the efficiency calculations, but had that down after two brews. I'm about to brew a Trappist Single recipe on it for the first...
  3. object

    Boiling with copper wool?

    Recently, I read an article on the traditional Norwegian home brew technics Heimabrygg, Vossaøl, Hardangerøl and Sognøl – The Farmhouse Homebrews of Western Norway - Brewing Nordic. The author describes the long open-fire boiling in a copper pot. As it claims, copper drives Maillard reaction...
  4. C

    Science on Tap - The Science of Beer Aging - Styles

    Link back to Science on Tap part 1: Introduction to the science of beer aging. We have all heard the rules for selecting a beer for aging: high ABV and low hops, dark-colored, imperial, etc. Really though, you can choose to age any beer. But why do some beers deteriorate deliciously while others...