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  1. Kelly13A

    Low OG on pilsner

    brewed my first pilsner today. I poured the cooled wort into my fermenter and added just a bit more water to bring it up to 5 gallons, turns out I added it just a bit past 5 gallons. I took a gravity reading at 62 degrees F before adding the yeast starter, the OG reading was 1.02, which is way...
  2. J

    Low final gravity and solvent-like taste

    Extract brewer here - I attempted an IPA that was supposed to have an OG of 1.070 and FG of 1.016 using white labs WLP001 yeast and pilsen DME. I made a starter for this, my first time doing so, and don't have a magnetic stirrer so I used the 'shake whenever you're around method' for about 32...