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  1. Denis2121

    FG lower 5 points than expected

    Hey guys, back with another issue. Recently brewed a red ale. Had a stuck mash as recirculation was poor and had to stir often. Will fix this by taking some water from sparge and adding to mash instead or by adding some hulls. Due to this my temp during mash kept moving between 64c (147f) to 67c...
  2. MarTeBrew

    How to learn your new Equipment?

    It was time to do a All-grain Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone on a new equipment 5-Gal HLT | 10-Gal MLT Thermos | 15-Gal Boil Kettle | pomp | plate chiller | for 5Gal of beer After the initial dry run to measure losses and how temp was holding during hot water circulation, I adjusted BS3, and this...
  3. Kelly13A

    Low OG on pilsner

    brewed my first pilsner today. I poured the cooled wort into my fermenter and added just a bit more water to bring it up to 5 gallons, turns out I added it just a bit past 5 gallons. I took a gravity reading at 62 degrees F before adding the yeast starter, the OG reading was 1.02, which is way...
  4. J

    Low final gravity and solvent-like taste

    Extract brewer here - I attempted an IPA that was supposed to have an OG of 1.070 and FG of 1.016 using white labs WLP001 yeast and pilsen DME. I made a starter for this, my first time doing so, and don't have a magnetic stirrer so I used the 'shake whenever you're around method' for about 32...