low fg

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  1. shadowmage36

    Low F.G. from overzealous S-04/low mash temps(?). Thoughts on a fix for the future?

    So I brewed what I think is a delicious British-style special bitter, as close to style guidelines (2008) as I possibly could. The color, flavor, and IBU level are all spot-on to what I was going for. The problem is the F.G. Minimum for the style is 1.009, I'm sitting at 1.006. The grain...
  2. P

    Under FG by 5 points

    Ok here's my story: Brewing BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale - 5 gal AG batch Was contacted on a Friday to see if I could have 2 different beer brewed, bottled and ready to serve in exactly 6 weeks. This was one recipe chosen. Ran to the LHBS and got the ingredients and was subbed with Wyeast...