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  1. GirthySquirt

    Brewing: Low Efficiency Desirable Benefits Possible? Can Tanking Efficiency INCREASE Flavor?

    Main Question: Can I lower my brew-house efficiency purposefully to enable using a massive grain bill and get more flavor in my final product? Can low brew-house efficiency actually improve beer flavor, body, and mouthfeel in some scenarios because low efficiency implies more grain is being...
  2. D

    Negatives of Low Mash Efficiency

    Besides having to spend a little more money on grains to make up for a low mash efficiency, are there any other downsides to having a low efficiency? EDIT: I use BIAB with double milled grains and get ~80% which is typical. I just wanted to see what the reasons are for trying to bump the % up...
  3. B

    Higher FG with my First Two BIAB Beers

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this situation. I currently do 2.5 gallon BIAB beers. I took a 5g all-grain NEIPA kit and split it into two batches ( I measured them out evenly on a good electric scale I own). Both of them finished with higher than expected FG of...
  4. T

    Low efficiency with Grainfather

    Hi, I am very new to all this. Yesterday I did my fourth brew. It was a Blue Moon clone from grainfather recipes OG - 1.044 FG - 1.011 5 pounds of Maris Otter Pale ale malt 5 pounds of Flaked Wheat US mash in 60 minutes at 66 C mash out 10 minutes at 75 C boil time 60 minutes a packet East Kent...