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  1. crazymoyo

    ABV lower than normal - Advice

    Hello fellas, I hope you are doing great! Am new to homebewtalk and am looking to some advice to what am doing wrong:) I brewing for the last year mostly Pale Ales and IPA, also tried once Neipa. Am facing an issue where my beers turn out having low abs, approx 2.5-3.5% where they supposed to...
  2. BryggAnton

    Little/no krausen in my fermenter

    Hey folks! I'm brewing a 4,5% ABV IPA with pretty much hops in it. Most added at flame out. I'm starting to wonder if I messed up somewhere since there are no krausen on top in my fermenter. I pitched the yeast 5 days ago, day 3 it looked like it was fermenting quite vigorously. At day 4 it...
  3. E

    Brewing Session Beers

    It wasn’t that long ago that if you had offered homebrewers and craft beer drinkers a low-impact, low-alcohol beer with approachable flavor, they would have scoffed. Real beer was meant to be big, bold, adventurous, and preferably have a sizable ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Oh, how times have...
  4. wadewegner

    Applying Athletic Brewing's techniques to home brewing

    Has anyone tried to apply what Athletic Brewing's techniques to home brewing? Any tips or advice? I'd really love to make a good tasting NA beer at home. Thanks!
  5. Toxxyc

    Low-ABV beer?

    Good morning everyone! So this weekend was a weekend just like any other, with some beers here and there (and a few very good Gilroys as well, but that's off topic), and again the topic came up of alcohol free beer. Now we all know it - beer brewed and boiled to drive off alcohol and all that...
  6. T

    Prairie Vous Francais extract clone help!

    I really want to jump into a sour beer with something low abv, crisp, and refreshing. Could anyone help with an extract clone of Prairie Vous Francais from Prairie Artisan Ales? This is what the website says, “Prairie Vous Francais is our farmhouse ale modeled after our first beer, Prairie...
  7. Gosé the gozarian

    Low abv Gose, fix?

    Hi all, I brewed a Gose with a og of 1.040 knowing that I was going to have a low abv. I figured around 3.8. After 2 weeks and the addition of some tart cherries I'm still at 1.026, that's like 1.9%. I'm not sure if the addition of acidulated malt which was about 15% of the grain bill is...
  8. A

    Brewing Near Beers?

    How would one go about this? Seems tempting to just do a low gravity wort but how would I get a super low ABV without sacrificing the taste & body?
  9. D

    OG too low, can add candysugar after 1 week?

    So I brewed a witbeer, and I didn't get to my target OG. Stupid enough, I wanted to finish, so I have boiled shorter than I was supposed to, without realizing that this would affect my OG :no:(leasson learned!) Planned ABV was 4.9%, now would be 4.1% according to BeerSmith (if the fermentations...
  10. D

    An all day cider

    Hey guys, I was thinking of making a low alcohol cider (around 2% give or take) that you could drink all day without losing too much of your senses. (hopefully nothing over the top sweet) I'm sure I could mess around and make something drinkable, but before I start my experiment I figured I'd...