low abv mead

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  1. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Pure meas turned out weak...

    Dear elders in mead-making, Any suggestions where I went wrong? I made my first pure mead, rather than melomel or metheglin. I have used 3kg of honey (various sorts), dissolved in water to make a 5 litre solution. I have added 1g of wine nutrient and 2 Campden tablets. I had an initial gravity...
  2. A

    Is it possible to make low ABV, carbonated, sweet melomel/hydromel?

    Hello everyone! I've never tried mead before but after watching some youtube videos I began fermenting my first batch of melomel mead yesterday with a standard recipe with strawberries, I don't really have a hydrometer but as I'm using baker yeast, I saw on the internet that baker yeast tend to...