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  1. N

    To The New Brewer - Extract Or All Grain

    To the New Brewer - Should I Start with Extract Kits, or Turn it up to 11 with All-Grain Brewing? "Nick, I know you're pretty new to brewing. It looks like fun, it's something I'm looking to get into - and I'm wondering: should I start with extract kits, or jump right into purchasing the...
  2. dmtaylor

    Gruit = LME!? and nothing to do with herbs!?

    CAUTION: This is NOT a thread about beer with herbs as you probably expect. Beers with herbs are great; I enjoy many of them very much. But, that's NOT necessarily the topic here. If intrigued, read on. If not, you can back out now before you fall down this rabbit hole. -- One beer...
  3. Andy Bullock

    Partial grain partial extract brew

    I was hoping to do a little bit of my own flavoring by using some grain in a BIAB, but then adding a DME or LME to get me a higher OG than what I can get using grains without a mash tun. 5 gallon kettle so not near big enough for a full boil. A couple of questions: 1. Is there anything I...
  4. UfoPizzaBeer

    Should I add LME on a "only Grains and Hops IPA recipe"?

    Hello, I want to start brewing for the first time, and I have obviously lots of doubts. First, I don't know very much about calculations, units, values... Do you guys know any orientative tutorial for these complicated matters? such as OG, FG, ABV, IBUs... At the moment all I know I learned it...
  5. SkagitNScandi

    DME Adding through out boil

    When I first started home brewing I would add my DME / LME at time intervals according to my recipe BUT sometimes I would add it all at 30min if the times were not on the recipe. Sometimes this resulted in over boiling and a mess on my stove. It was recently brought to my attention that many...
  6. olie

    LME vs DME -- taste difference?

    This question is not about what can be done or what's "good enough" or what some people's preferences are or what experimentation is encouraged. This question is about, if I were to run the experiment, what would my expected results be in terms of difference in taste. The Question: Other than...
  7. Gentle Jesus

    Briess Pilsen light LME equivalent to pilsner malt extract?

    I have been browsing forums and other areas of the internet in an attempt to find out if Briess Pilsen light LME is essentially liquid pilsner malt, but have not found any definitive answers. I would really like to use it to make some easy Belgian Pale Ale recipes and wanted to know if the...