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  1. codysorgenfrey

    Local homebrew shops

    I’ve been hearing lots of stuff about LHBS closing from COVID restrictions. Anyone experiencing this? If so what’re you doing instead? Luckily mine is still going strong. Not sure what I’d do.
  2. GParkins

    Another LHBS casualty...Who is the best online?

    So it looks like Brock's Home Brew in Melbourne, FL has gone Tango Uniform. That leaves exactly one LHBS (that I know of) on the East coast of Florida from Key West to at least as far as Melbourne (Craft Beer Cartel in Fort Lauderdale), and the guy that I spoke to today said he's not sure if...
  3. Mic Carp

    Would you work part time at your LHBS if you could?

    So, My LHBS posted in IG that they are looking for a weekend guy. I saw the ad a few weeks ago and have beem mulling it over ever since. Pros: Cool factor - I work in a Home Brew Shop Meet a lot of homebrewers and people in the industry Learn a ton Probable discounts (however I don't know how...
  4. Hoppy2bmerry

    What did you get from your LHBS today?

    If we brewers want a LHBS in the area, we need to support them with our wallets. I picked up hothead yeast a couple packets of T58, and ingredients for a big beer. The convenience of driving and picking up something right away instead of waiting for a delivery is something I’m grateful for...
  5. pinemarten

    Where do folks enjoy buying 55lbs grain sacks when you have no LHBS?

    Just moved to DC from Boston. Had a great LHBS 10 minutes away. Shot out to Jim and the crew at Weymouth Homebrew Emporium! The LHBS picture in DC is grim. Two look decent, but they are well over an hour away roundtrip. The "shop" actually in DC is a room connected to a brewery, 3 Stars...
  6. excaptn

    Long Island, NY supplies

    I live in Nassau county and haven't been able to find a LHBS. I have been out to Karps hardware store a few times and considered driving into Brooklyn. Does anyone have any Suggestions for a "local" shop. Also has anyone every been to "Brothers At Kedco in Farmingdale?"