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    Champagne/Cider Remuage: Why not just place the bottle upside down (90 degrees)?

    I'm making hard sparkling apple cider using the Champagne method (re-fermenting on the bottle for carbonation). This year I will try the full method of also removing the yeast lees from the bottle afterwards, which I have previously just left there. Now I'm wondering why one would actually go...
  2. J

    I have a question.

    Hello all. First thread, but I’ve been lurking for a while. Barely started making mead, about 3 months, loosely following recipes and experimenting, it’s been good fun. Now I have a question. I’m revisiting my first recipe, a spiced apple mead (Cyser?), with new knowledge and proper...
  3. S

    Wine Conditioner problem??

    Hello all, Novice winemaker here, I bottled a gallon of strawberry and a gallon of pineapple a few months ago, and when I was going to try one of them today, I noticed that the pineapple wine had white particles floating in it, some almost as big as shredded cheese. Keep in mind the wine was...