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  1. D

    Looking for brewing tutor in Long Island, NY

    Hi, I'm just starting out with homebrewing. I've assembled an all-grain system consisting of an electric 65L HLT, a 65L Robobrew with pump, and a 1/2bbl SS Brewtech Unitank with heating and chilling and a glycol chiller. I would like to watch an expert brew session in person as YouTube videos...
  2. Bobbaugh3


    anyone have any books to expand ones knowledge on mead? I have looked into “make mead like a Viking” and I might pull the trigger.. seems current and there is a bit about wild fermentation in there.
  3. B

    Hey from NC

    I discovered homebrewing from a neigbor who had been brewing for about 14 years. He was brewing an all grain batch. I spent the day with him playing guitar, smokin' ribs, and brewing beer. The process blew my mind. Yet this guy just took care of business and made it look too easy. He sent me...