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  1. Jerry Updike

    Top of Poppet leaking on Pin Keg

    One of the poppets on one of my pin-lock kegs has a very slow leak, we’re talking not even drops more like super slow pooling onto the top of the liquid line poppet (I have since attached a pig spigot line to control it). I have come to find out that the keg I have has a self contained poppet...
  2. I

    My Corny Keg is leaking on the metal side, can I do anything to fix it?

    Hi, My Corny keg has a very slow leak. After triple checking all fittings with soapy water, I finally ended up dunking the keg into a sink full of water. Sadly, the leak is coming from the metal side and not from any of the fittings. Here is a video showing exactly what is taking place: Is...