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    Sparge Water Formula

    Hello, does anyone have a complete batch sparge formula that includes the following parameters?: grain absorption dead space desired wort volume grist mash volume boil off during boiling (so we know what volume of wort we should have before boiling) Here's a formula I've been using so far...
  2. P

    Rice Hulls?

    I'm new to all grain so this might sound simplistic. From things I've read, when brewing a wheat beer rice hulls are recommended. Is this actually the case with BIAB? I thought the rice hulls were to prevent a "stuck mash." This doesn't happen in BIAB, right? My understanding of a stuck mash...
  3. G

    BIAB like a BOSS

    I began my home-brewing career a little over a year ago and have to admit, I am completely hooked on the art and science of the craft. I am fortunate in that an ex-roommate of mine some years back was a keen brewer, allowing me to assist and enjoy the fruits of his labors. This provided me with...