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  1. luis.salas

    To blend or not to blend

    Well, so this is my situation, and I came to you for advice. Two years ago I brewed a lambic with Wyeast 3278 Belgian Lambic Blend. My plan was to brew another one the next year and so on, but many things happened and it wasn't possible. Now for me it's impossible to get more of that yeast...
  2. J

    Kriek doesn't sour after 14 month. Could lactose help

    Hi, In april 2021, I've been brewing a lambic(-ish) base beer to which I was supposed to add cherries. The grain bill is 65% pilsner and 35% wheat malt. I attempted to follow a turbid mash but I ended up using too much water, so maybe the wort is too fermentable. I added enough hops to reach a...
  3. alastairblake

    Choosing heritage/landrace barley and wheat for lambic style beer

    Hey HomebrewTalk, A farmer friend has agreed to sow some old landrace / heritage barley and wheat for me to brew with. I am seeking help to identify the best varieties to plant. These grains are being targeted for use in brewing true-to-form Lambic and Gueuze beer. I plan on using the...
  4. RiccoStar

    Aluminum Coolship ?

    I’m wondering if aluminum material would be adequate for a cool ship cooling / lambic style inoculation ? excuse me if this has been discussed but I searched pretty thoroughly and haven’t found anything. Here and elsewhere... I currently live in a somewhat humid/ tropical climate (Medellín...
  5. Arrheinous

    A keg of 6-year lambic

    So in 2014 I visited Russian River, got hyped, and then made 10 gallons each of red, brown, and lambic that summer. Sour beer didn’t catch on in my circles so by 2020 I still have a case each of red and brown bottles and a full keg of lambic. All 2014 vintage. What’s the best way to use this 5...
  6. Dgallo

    Beer Log #1 - First Wild Mix Fermentation

    So I am planning on starting my own small Wild/Sour project; I've really gotten into the broad style over the past few years thanks to Suarez Family Brewing and Plan Bee brewing, both relatively local to me. So in honor of launching, I figured I'd document my first Mixed Fermented Belgian...
  7. jespinet

    Is this mold?

    Hey everybody! I am trying a lambic for the first time and I think I may have mold from letting it sit too long. Can you take a look at the pics and let me know what you think?
  8. SteveHeff

    First Sour (updated pics)

    Hi everybody. November 1, 2018 I brewed a 70% Pilsner 30% wheat beer and fermented it out with US-05. Nov. 8, 2018 I tossed this 5.5 gallons on top of 43oz of blackberries and pitched WYEAST 3278. It’s been a slow process, just waiting, since then. Today, I popped the top to sneak a sniff...
  9. A

    Infected Mead? Help!

    Hello, Just joined Homebrew Talk and looking forward to being a part of the community! I'm also new to mead making and I think I've gotten myself into some trouble. The below photo is a traditional mead made with orange blossom honey and using Lalvin 71B yeast. It is two months old and it was...
  10. H

    Bottling 'lambic' - FG 1.014

    Hello I currently have a 'lambic' that has been sitting in a carboy for a year now. Specifically, it is NB's Dawson's Kriek extract kit with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend. The issue I have is that it seems to have finished at 1.014. Gravity has not changed since I last took a sample 2 months ago. Do...
  11. mirthfuldragon

    First Lambic - questions on technique

    I jumped in on the 2018 12 Beers of Christmas exchange, and I ended up with a crabapple lambic from Randy Mosher's "Radical Brewing". I saw a copy of the base recipe - 44.5% pilsner, 44.5% wheat malt, 11% munich - straightforward enough. I plan to get it started in the next couple of week or...
  12. Kent88

    When & with what to funkify?

    I'm early in the process of planning a lambic-style-ish brew, just had some questions. Planning a 5-gallon brew. I've been finding plenty of yeasts, bacteria, and blends to use. I've seen a some recipes where Wyeast 3278 is pitched by itself right after cooling, and some where it is pitched a...
  13. I

    Jolly Rancher Lambic

    I came across Chris Colby's 2003 BYO recipe for Jolly Rancher Lambic recently and I'm very intrigued. I've searched the internet and I can't find any reviews of the recipe from people who have actually made it. If anyone has made it, can you give some feedback?
  14. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Sour Mash Crick

    If you want to follow this adventure on my blog, click here. So I'm undertaking my a big endeavor here; a trifecta of firsts. I'm doing a sour mash, oak fermented, cherry wheat beer. We're calling it "Crick" because it'll be like imitation Lambic, with sour mash replacing the lacto culture...
  15. JacobS

    Kombucha & Beer...

    I was wondering if anyone else has tried using a Kombucha SCOBY as a method for acidification of a sour beer?I have an overly complicated psuedopseudoLambic going right now where I used a 3-9day exposure to the SCOBY. It seems to have worked but I would be interested in hearing some thoughts on...