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  1. MikeFallopian

    Wyeast London Ale III vs Lallemand Verdant yeast

    I was planning a few brews with wyeast London Ale III, and was wondering if anyone has compared Lallemand's Verdant yeast alongside it. I'm aware that this is a dry version of London Ale III (be it a mutation or not), just wondering if anyone has compared the two for performance, ester...
  2. Alex Dick

    Milk Stout Gravity Stuck (4 weeks into Fermentation)

    I’m making an all-grain Left Hand Milk Stout clone and my gravity has been stuck @ 1.030 for the last 2 weeks, it’s already been fermenting for 2 weeks prior to that (4 weeks total). The recipe has the Final Gravity stationed @ 1.016, I used a different type of yeast then I usually do (I used...