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  1. B

    Pitched warm yeast starter into cold wort. Advice?

    I brewed a German Pilsner yesterday. 10 Gallons at 1.059 OG (first brew on a new rig and overboiled a tad). So my OG is higher than desirable. I made a 5L starter of WLP830. However, after decanting, the yeast cake on the bottom of my flask was really thick and stuck to the bottom. So I chilled...
  2. S

    Do I need a lager yeast starter for 2.5g brew?

    I am doing a 2.5g brew of a west coast pilsner soon and I often read posts about low fermentation activity when using California Lager yeast. I was contemplating making a yeast starter but if I'm doing a 2.5g batch would the single packet of Wyeast 2112 be sufficient?
  3. TNJake

    AHS Shiner Bock clone - WLP 833 stalled ferm?

    I brewed this clone according to this recipe with an OG of 1.047. I cooled my wort to about 75 degrees when I aerated using shake/ swirl method. I did added a single pack of WLP833 and I regrettably did not use a starter. The recipe didn't say anything about it (I should have know better). 12...
  4. muzik2go

    New to lager yeasts... did 70 degrees for 36 hours kill my yeast?

    This is the third beer I've brewed. The previous two used a general ale yeast advised to ferment at 65-70, and I thusly assumed this was a standard brewing temperature across all yeast strains. This batch, however, is a pils using Wyeast Czech Pils 2278, and after 36ish hours at 65-70 degrees...