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  1. Iowa Brewer

    Diacetyl/Acetaldehyde Clean Up

    Hi all, Having an Acetaldehyde issue. Had to dump one batch due to acetaldehyde that converted to diacetyl, and now have detected acetaldehyde in my bock (used WLP844 German Bock) after doing a diacetyl test (the one where you chill one sample and heat one so as to convert any acetaldehyde to...
  2. Iowa Brewer

    Consequences of Fermenting Lager at 59F?

    Hey all, Got three 5gal Corny's in my keezer, but I'm itching to do some brewing. want to get two ales and one lager going. The ales can go in my fermenter, but want to have a lager in the basement storeroom on the concrete floor. The room hovers between 57F-59F, right now. Would that be...
  3. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    I have been brewing for about a year now, exclusively ales. I just brewed my first lager. I used a recipe from Northern Brewer for a Czech Pilsner. I did a 10 gallons batch in two 5-gallon buckets and pitched the yeast roughly 3 days ago. I used the Liquid Yeast option Omega Yeast Pilser. it's...
  4. K

    My process and your thoughts

    Dear fellow brewers, I have been reading this forum for a while now and it seems everyone has there own methods, experiences that works for them. I would like to share mine that is theoretical at the moment but will be applied in a month's time when the equipment arrives. Here it goes! I will...
  5. bbshopplf

    Lagering and my wort temps have been too cold - is my yeast dead?

    Finally have a fridge just for fermenting, so I'm trying my first lager. I have no data regarding my setup, e.g., when my set the temp controller to X, how cold does it really get inside, etc. I have an older temp controller, with a dial for the target temps and the fat probe. After boil, I...
  6. Angus MacDonald

    Winter Lager

    So I'm thinking of making a lager in winter and I know that you roughly want 8 - 10C for fermenting. I was gonna stick the lager in the shed during winter to keep it at a cold enough temp but the only time I'll have that stable range during winter is... probably October to mid November. From...