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  1. KDogg

    Surly Grindcore clone attempt If anyone is interested and know the beer. I made this beer off a few ideas from other recipes as a starting point, as I got from their website what the grain bill is and hops and yeast used. The first test from fermenter are...
  2. W

    White IPA recipe advice

    We have a summer desert dish here in Denmark called Koldskål which is essentially biscuits in buttermilk flavoured with lemon and vanilla and I'm thinking about making this into a beer using lactose, lemon peel and vanilla bean. I'm thinking about a White IPA. For my grist I'm thinking: 50%...
  3. G

    First Milk Stout, Do I clarify?

    Hi all, This is my first time brewing a Milk Stout, therefore using Lactose. Is it wise to clarify this brew (Gelatin), or will I end up removing the Lactose?
  4. A

    Critique my Vanilla Milk Stout recipe please

    Type: All Grain IBU : 25 (Tinseth) Color : 64 EBC Carbonation : 2 CO2-vol Pre-Boil Gravity : 1.036 Original Gravity : 1.045 Final Gravity : 1.012 Grainfather Batch Size : 23 L Boil Time : 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 72% Mash Efficiency : 75.1% Fermentables (4.47 kg) 2.42 kg - Pale Ale - DE...
  5. motherofgallons

    Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Sauce Small Melomel 7%

    I am still new to brewing but as an avid cook I cannot stop myself from jumping off the deep end and crafting recipes right from the start. I do have a couple questions sprinkled throughout. I was inspired by this recipe...
  6. abdominousabel

    Lactose for milk stout

    So right when I was ready to give up on stouts. I tried Guinness dry stout, a peanut butter milk stout (too overwhelming in my opinion) I didn’t want to be spending money on beers I’m forcing myself to like (because I want to like at least one beer per style). I found Garage brewery Marshmallow...
  7. Pappa_Bjorn

    Molasses and rye mämmi stout feedback

    Want to make a sweetened rye (and possibly oats) sweet stout-ish inspired by mämmi. I'm thinking the molasses (how much?) will ferment out and will taste weird unless sweetened back with lactose at 5%? Rye something like 15%? Some oats for mouth feel... Maybe a tiny bit of wheat in there. And...
  8. surgical_ass

    Strawberry blonde with lactose. Thoughts?

    Going to brew a 6 gal blonde ale with strawberries (they are in season locally) added at the end of primary fermentation. We are using roughly 1.5lbs per gallon frozen, smashed, and pasteurized. I have brewed the recipe before with good results, but I would like to see some of the tartness...
  9. deadwolfbones

    Working on a Bruesicle clone (creamy kettle sour w/ lactose & fruit)

    Hey y'all. This isn't exactly a clone, since I haven't had the beer in question. If you're unfamiliar, here are some examples of what it looks like:
  10. JoshRH

    Big Beer, Lots of Oats, Airstone, Yeast Resuspension

    Hey there malt lovers, I brewed a 15 gallon batch of oatmeal stout last weekend. I used 8 lbs. of flaked oats and half were toasted lightly in my oven. I also added 2 jars of molasses, ~1Kg, 2 lbs. of lactose, 1 lb of cocoa nibs and .5 lbs of maltodextrin along with the rest of the grain bill. I...
  11. jaredwhite

    Need help with rhubarb wheat ale!

    I am making a wheat ale and plan to add rhubarb and cardamom. Here is my extract recipe: SG: 1.042-46 FG: 1.012-1.017 6 lbs. Wheat LME 8 oz. Carapils specialty grain .5 oz Hallertau hops for 60 min. .5 oz Hallertau hops for 2 min. White Labs California Ale Yeast WL001 Rhubarb in...