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  1. R

    Homemade label - thoughts?

    Curious to get everyone's feedback - don't hold back. There's one subtle aspect to it and I'm wondering if it'll get noticed.
  2. D

    What's In A Name?

    Many of us first felt the call to homebrew after tasting a great hand-crafted ale or lager at a local brewery or brewpub. That magical sip bursting with flavor, the aroma wafting up from the head, the intricate lacing left in the glass. There really is nothing like the moment you realize that...
  3. N

    Badge mount?

    Looking for a badge mount for my cold brew and nitro cold brew I am building. Do you know where I can find this? I already have the badges. 159BE031-6E4D-496B-B30D-1F9B82E846C3 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19, 2019 at 11:43 PM922ED979-8DA8-4623-81EB-C11187410945 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19...
  4. THRobinson

    What type/brand of labels do you use?

    Just wondered if anyone had any feedback on what to use and what not to use for labels? For example, is AVERY any good or do they peel off too fast? Any other brands? Stickers vs glue? etc... Once I finally settle on a name/style, I'd like to have some colour laser prints done (since ink from...
  5. H

    My brewery name and logo, and my first label.

    Hi all, I just started brewing (waiting for my first batch to finish fermenting), but of course had to go ahead and whip up some logo's and labels. I would love your input and feedback. I have them posted on my blog: Thanks, Josh