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  1. Drewch

    Imperial Kveiking ridiculously fast fermentation?

    I pitched Imperial Kveiking into a 1.053-OG raw ale last night. And I was getting worried because I didn't see any activity today. But I checked the gravity, and it's already dropped to about 1.016 -- within about 5 points of BrewFather's estimated FG in about 18 hours. I guess the kräusen...
  2. brewpharm Hill

    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    I'm planning first brew with Kveik and decided to go with Imperial yeast's seasonal kveik blend called Kveiking. I'm brewing it in my NEIPA recipe. Other than fermenting warm, not pitching the whole pouch, and this finishing out in a few days does anyone have advice for a first time kveik...