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krauesen ?

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    Gozdawa legacy stout weird

    Hi guys I've done a few kits before and been ok. However I am stumped now. I'm 2 days in on this stout and things are weird. First day nothing happened, I stirred it and it fizzed like whisking a coke. But that head of 3 inches settled in 5 minutes. I pitched a dry packet of gervin ale and ive...
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    krauesen ?

    7 GAL was my target, 6lbs pils DME 1 Lb Carafoam 1 Lb Carapils 2 LBs Dextrose. Yeast Starter, WLP 550 :) Yeats with starter amounted to .5 gallons. I brewed last night, 2 hours after pitching I get airlock activity, I go to sleep happy. I wake up, clean the sealing from beer, Thus far...