kombucha mold

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  1. MycoDaimon

    HELP! Two brew-fails in a row: A thick/viscous batch, then a moldy one

    1. Any idea why booch that looks and tastes good would be thick and smily/viscous? We're not drinking it as 1. we don't love the texture and 2. I'm not sure what accounts for the consistency. Might it be a surplus of bacteria? Too cold? Is it recoverable or healthy as-is? 2. Does the green mold...
  2. J

    Question about Second Kombucha Batch and Scoby

    Hi I've started to learn how to brew and was happy to find this forum. I bought a starter's kit and followed the instructions for the first batch, which came out tasty. Before i begin the second batch, i wanted to conform that the mix im starting with looks and smells the way it should. The...
  3. J

    Cloudy white stuff found on Kombucha scooby

    Did a few rounds of Kombucha but this is the first time I encounter this! Is this actually mold? The whole jar smells good though, doesn’t have any foul smell.