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  1. TheGC

    Soy Sauce beer yeast as Koji?

    Yep! Exactly what you've read! I've read some people talking here and other places about making beer with koji, to see what it makes and all. But.. what if we go the other way around? From what I've got, Koji is there just to be a know and safe culture to ferment the soybeans. So.. what if I...
  2. Beerisgud

    Homemade Sake + Making Koji Rice

    Hey guys, I decided to give making sake a try and document it to reference for future batches, learn along the way, and maybe help others get a start. I really enjoy the taste of the drink and hope to make this a routine in the wintertime like they do in Japan. It’s all about temperature...
  3. J

    Brewing Sake for Beginners

    Hello everyone! Sake is a delicious drink that is drenched in history, strict tradition and touted as having a process that is riddled with complicated steps that is hard to follow. This makes good traditional Sake making a hard brew hobby to get into. I want to help you dive into the process...
  4. D

    Dry or soaked koji for rice wine

    I'm about to make rice wine by mixing koji to steamed rice. I bought koji in the form of this rice that already contains koji. I still can't figure out if I have to mix dry koji to steamed rice of if I have to soak the koji first. Thanks
  5. Scientific hippie

    The Noma Guide to Fermentation

    Has anyone seen this book? It's by Rene Redzepi and David Zilber, the guys who run the famous hoity-toity Noma restaurant in Denmark. They try to use local Scandinavian ingredients exclusively. They are BIG on fermentation. I bought the book, thinking I would love it. Going through it, though, I...