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  1. Beerisgud

    Homemade Sake + Making Koji Rice

    Hey guys, I decided to give making sake a try and document it to reference for future batches, learn along the way, and maybe help others get a start. I really enjoy the taste of the drink and hope to make this a routine in the wintertime like they do in Japan. It’s all about temperature...
  2. beervoid

    Sour beer with white koji

    Just read this article on making a quick sour within 1 hour by using 20 to 25% white koji in the mash and was wondering if there are any people here that have tried this method out and could share their experience with it.
  3. giannie

    How to incorporate koji rice into beer?

    I want to make a sake-beer hybrid, in an Imperial IPA style. It's called Chiba Byakko Daiginjo, a 7.5gal boil for a 5gal brew. It's cyberpunk themed. Grain bill: American 2-Row Malt (4 lbs.) 1.8L Munich Malt (2 lbs.) 6L Koji Rice (4 lbs.) ?L Cinchona bark (Quinine) (X lbs.) Guarana berries (...