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  1. prah

    KLARSTEIN Maischfest all grain system... is it worth it?

    Greeting to all the amazing homebrewers out there! I'm in the middle of thinking on how to optimize my brew day, I brew on the kitchen stove and I'm getting tired of the ridiculous amount of times that I need to get the worth to boil and all this stuff. My most frequent issues are: I only own...
  2. Spouk

    Robobrew Gen3.1 vs Brew Monk vs Brauheld 15

    I need a new system for indoor brewing cause I have moved and I can not have my 3v inside my new house. So after some research I ended up with these 3. I should also tell that I want to brew only small batches (under 3 gallons, it would be perfect to brew 1 to 2 gallons but I suppose it's...
  3. S

    microbrewery ACE, Klarstein, Easy Grain, Hopcat, Solodok

    I will demonstrate the work of an automatic brewery for 30 liters. Video in Russian To understand the comment You can use the translation of subtitles by setting in the Youtube settings the captions in English