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  1. Mattyg91

    Alcoholic Root Beer Recipe?

    Hey everyone, I want to make an alcoholic root beer for 4th of July and I’m having a really hard time finding a recipe. Does anyone have a good 5 gallon recipe for an alcoholic root beer? I don’t want to use an extract kit if necessary as I usually brew all grain. I cannot find a clone recipe...
  2. Will Whittle

    First brew. Possible mistake?

    Hi, I recently got one of those starter equipment kits (23L plastic fermenting bucket, airlock, hydrometer etc etc). Just in case anyone's interested, I got the Mango Jacks pink grapefruit IPA. It's my first brew, so Im a little excited... Anyway, I followed the instructions, filled the bucket...
  3. D

    Thinking Outside the Box

    We've all seen them at our local homebrew store; shelves filled with kits, tempting us, "Use me, I'm ready to brew, no thinking required." I heard a fellow homebrewer describe them as Betty Crocker brewing; just mix, boil, and enjoy. While there certainly are a lot of good things to say about...