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    Sparkling Mojito Wine Kilju Recipe ver 1.0

    Hi guys. I want to make Mojito sparkling Wine/Kilju using mint leaves and lime(s). I want original gravity to be 1.110 to yield 12-14% ABV. At the end i will make it sparkling wine and bottle it. How much sugar in grams/oz/lbs would i need to achive this in 1gal of water? I've tried formula...
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    Kilju fermenting slowly?

    On my second go at fermenting Kilju as the first time went exceedingly well, this time using a much larger bottle 5 days in im noticing that the smell isn't as pronounced, it tastes sweet, bubbling low and slow and little foaming at the top. Any tips?
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    Kilju turned into soda?

    I’ve been brewing kilju with turbo yeast for the last two days, I used just under a gallon of water with about 6 pounds of plain table sugar and a quarter packet of 48 hour turbo yeast. I checked it this morning and found that it’s EXTREMELY carbonated. I stirred it just a little and it fizzed...