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  1. R

    Kettle Sour Not Souring (OLY-605)

    Not really wild or lambic, but this seemed to be the best place for this. Brewing a sour IPA. Recipe is: Batch Size: 20.8 liters (5.5 gallons) OG: 1.067 | FG: 1.009 | ABV: 7.49% | IBU : 22.55 | SRM : 6 FERMENTABLES: 1.8 kg - Pale Wheat Malt (33%) 0.9 kg - Rye Malt (16.5%) 2.75 kg - Low...
  2. B

    Kettle Sour Screw Up?

    I have made a few sours before this. This time I forgot I only needed to boil the collected wort for around 15 minutes, but instead did a full 60 min boil, cooled the wort to 100 an then added Lactobac. Today is day 4, and there is a tiny bit of sour but not anywhere near what I expect to be...
  3. Jefe Waizen

    Kettle souring variations in holding temperature

    Hello. What are the risks of souring at temp (95 to 120) with lacto for two days in sealed kettle, but then pause the heating for a day, maybe down to 60's or so (kettle would be outside covered with blanket) and then resume for the third day? Thinking about leaving town for a day, so not sure...
  4. kegboy5000

    Questions about Kettle Souring

    I'm about to attempt my first Kettle sour brew this coming weekend, and had a few questions. 1) Has anyone attempted (and succeeded) a Kettle Souring using a Grainfather (or similar) system? Seeing that the Grainfather can keep a steady temp indefinitely, it shouldn't be an issue to just leave...
  5. Yacov327

    Kettle Sour (surprise! low gravity)

    So I just finished a kettle sour I started four days ago. When I started I had 7.5 gal. OG 1.044. I ended with 6 gal. OG 1.027. My question is this: Why is my OG so low after my boil today? If I am an idiot ,and there is an obvious answer, then I need it. This is only my second time making...