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  1. U

    Lacto starter

    Brewing my second Berliner Weisse. Had good success last time using uncrushed base malt to create a lacto starter. This time, I saved a bunch of wort from the last brew (about 6 weeks ago) to serve as a starter. The starter was kept in my fermentation temp and followed a standard lager...
  2. F

    Stuck kettle sour

    Ok, long story short-ish: I started a kettle sour a week ago. Pre-acidified to 4.2 pH (overshot a bit, target was 4.3). Pitched a year old pack of Omega Lacto at 90F, planned to let it roll over the weekend while I was away then finish the boil Monday. Well, pH only dropped to 3.8. I let it roll...
  3. ErectedTadpole

    Cotton Candy Sour?

    This is my first post, so be easy on me! I'm looking to do a kettle sour this spring and after some consideration I think I want to try a cotton candy kettle sour. I'm looking for recommendations on adding the cotton candy flavor. I'm not a fan of using flavored extracts so I'm wondering if...
  4. Nozomu

    Fruited Kettle Sours

    Hey, Have any of you attempted brewing those smoothie style fruited kettle sours? stuff like the veil or trilliums daily serving series. If so, can you give any advice regarding how to go about it. Would be interested to see your attempts too. Cheers
  5. Vanderfell

    Kettle Sour Blonde Attempt

    Hello everyone. I have done a number of kettle sours in the past and had great results. This will be my latest attempt at a Sour Blonde. Anyone think I am missing anything? This is about the most extensive write up I have ever done in 5 years of brewing, so criticism is great too! Recipe Type...
  6. TNJake

    Kettle Sour- Taste more or less sour after fermentation?

    I'm currently making my first kettle sour beer that will have a raspberry fruit addition after primary fermentation. I've been tasting samples periodically while its been souring but I'm wondering how this will compare after the yeast remove the sweetness and turn it into wonderful alcohol. I...
  7. J

    Is it time to toss my kettle sour, or should I ride this one out?

    Was planning on brewing a gose...this is my second time kettle-souring; first time went great. This time I accidentally skipped the step of bringing the wort to a boil after mashing/sparging, which I think is where my trouble began. Mashed at 150, sparged at 175, collected 7.2gal of wort in my...
  8. S

    Grainfater Extract Kettle Sour.

    (Not sure if this should be posted in the Grainfater, Sour or Extract forum. Feel free to move it if you think it fits somewhere else.) I made my first sour a few months back after about 4 years of brewing. The goal was to make a sour that was * Eeasy drinking * Somewhat low ABV * Not overly...
  9. R

    Rhubarb Berliner?

    I have a standard kettle-soured berliner recipe I use, but I've found it a bit too sour for my taste in the summer. Coincidentally I happen to have about 5kg/10lbs of rhubarb in my freezer I'd been saving for brewing and thought the two might make a good match. Does anyone have any advice or...
  10. Z

    How long does KETTLE soured beer (Flemish red) last?

    I'm planning on doing the Heiress De Bourgogne AG kit from Northern Brewer: It's a kettle soured version of a Flemish red. Duchess De Bourgogne is one of my favorites. But how long will this kettle...
  11. mirthfuldragon

    Kettle sour - bacteria source, yeast selection?

    So I am jumping in and making my first kettle sour - something kind of like a berliner weisse. It's actually part of a split batch, with half getting kettle soured and the other half going towards a quasi-New England pale ale with hallertau blanc. I have a couple of questions. Suggestions on...
  12. B

    Omega OYL-605 yeast starters - scaling up from 5g to 10g batches

    What’s up B’s and G’s. Looking to scale up kettle sours from 5 gallon to 10 gallon batches. I typically follow Omega’s directions for 5 gallon batches. 1 liter starters at 1.040 for wort that is 1.033 OG. I’ve read that Lance Shaner from Omega said that one liter starters would effectively sour...
  13. 6midgets

    How long to fruit?

    I recently brewed a Kettle sour. I had a starting gravity of 1.048. I let it ferment down to a gravity of 1.015. I then racked it onto 5# of kiwis and 5#of green pears. I saw airlock activity for 3 days after i added the fruit. My question is how long should i keep it on fruit before i keg?
  14. Northerngal

    Kettle Soured Raspberry Blonde

    9 lb 2row 1 lb pilsner 0.5 lb crystal malt BIAB Style Mash at 158 for an hour with 7.5 gal water. Remove & squeeze bag. Sour with lacto; brew belt for 3 days at 95F until pH of 3.5 or 3 (to preference) Boil for an hour to kill lacto. I don't use hops in this beer, obviously they can be added...
  15. deadwolfbones

    Working on a Bruesicle clone (creamy kettle sour w/ lactose & fruit)

    Hey y'all. This isn't exactly a clone, since I haven't had the beer in question. If you're unfamiliar, here are some examples of what it looks like:
  16. T

    Happy accident-extra Berlinerweisse. Ideas?

    I have been absurdly busy lately and lost track of what was in my kegerator. I thought I was out of dry-hopped Berliner (a staple of my existence) and had a full keg of pale, but turns out it was the other way around. Meanwhile, I based a brew day on that mistake and made another batch of...