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  1. lassebn85

    Rapt Fermentation Chamber, large temperature fluctuations

    Hi Fellow home brewers! Recently I bought a Kegland Rapt fermentation chamber + Rapt Pill. I'm having issues with it experiencing relatively large temperature fluctuations. They promise stability as shown in the example below However, in my case, using my fermentation chamber, I'm...
  2. brewlkg

    Kegland Canular Pro Semi Auto can seamer

    Hello all, I have a canular pro and switched the chuck from 16 oz to 32 oz crowler size. The gap measurements for the 12/16 oz cans seam to be a little too tight for the 32 oz cans. Unless I'm doing something wrong the rollers are binding up and stopping the machine using the smaller can...
  3. RampantOctopus

    Blow Tie wacky quick disconnect?

    Does anyone here know why or what the effect of the mixed gas/liquid QD that Kegland packs in with a blowtie is? Does mixing a gas QD with a liquid pin make for a universal QD or something?
  4. D

    Q&A VIDEO about Pressurized Fermentation

  5. D

    The New Fermzilla?

  6. D

    7 new changes to the Fermzilla

  7. D

    Sealed transfer using two see-through vessels. Fermzilla to the Fermenter King JR

    Never had this amount of control before. A fantastic experience to be able to see what actually happens in the keg when transferring.
  8. D

    Evelotion of the Fermentasaurus- Fermzilla - Fermenter King