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  1. Golddiggie

    For Sale Boil Keggle for sale - NH

    Original owner/maker of the boil keggle. It's gone through a few changes over the years. Latest changes were to fit it for going electric. Of course, way back at the start I HAD to polish it up. Can be used with either an electric element (TC connection) or with a propane burner (cap for the...
  2. marlinmatt

    For Sale All Grain Brewhouse

    All Grain setup for sale. Everything you need, except for hoses, and t.c.clamps. Keggle HLT sight glass, thermometer, ballvalve Converted oxygen tank boiler (Larger than keggle) SS, with handles, sight glass, thermometer, drain valve. Igloo mash tun with sparge setup, and copper manifold...
  3. N

    15 Gallon Complete Brew Rig $550

    I am selling my single tier 3 kettle brew rig. All vessels have quick connects and temperature gauges. Mash tun and boil kettle have false bottoms. I will also include a 15 gallon brew bag for easy clean up. Each vessel has a Bg14 burner for quick boils. I made a custom propane manifold that...
  4. NewBrewB

    How should I use an extra Sanke keg?

    I built Kals ElectricBrewery about 9 years ago with converted kegs for the HLT and BK and my main regret is not inverting my boil kettle. I went with a large plastic food safe drum as a mash tun but it’s WAY too big. Have an extra keg so now I’m trying to decide if I should turn it into an...
  5. D

    Brew Rig - Auger's DIY Brew Tree

    The brew tree was designed and built by me (with some inspiration from many build threads on HBT), three tiers with three propane burners - boil kettle, MLT, HLT, all 1/2bbl keggles. I've since added shields around the burners for better heat utilization, which has made a difference. Boiling...
  6. izzycm

    10 gal HERM brewing system - $1000

    10 gallon HERMS system. This is an automated single tier Brew setup. It automatically maintains the temperature of the HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The Quick Disconnect fittings are 304-stainless steel. This listing includes the following : 1 - Brewstand/Shelving Unit 1 - Mash Tun with...
  7. F

    Texas 3 Keggle All Grain Brew Rig

    3 Keggle all grain brewing rig + hoses and quick connects. The rig has two burners and two pumps and is perfect for brewing 10 gallon batches. Everything is in working order and it's ready to start cranking out beer immediately. Asking $1000.
  8. jkmcd3

    Texas Brewstand / Kettles / Fermenters / Chiller

    I recently bought a Unibrau system. Looking to sell my gravity fed brew stand, with 10" Banjo Burners and a high-pressure regulator and my BK, MLT, and HTL. The kettles were converted from Kegs and have Blichmann thermometer, 3-piece SS ball valve w/dip tube, site glass and a thermowell. The MLT...
  9. H

    All grain set up

    i have a pretty basic all grain set up. 2 converted keggles, one converted gatorade cooler to mashtun. brand new march pump. Couple of cornies and a bunch of odds and ends. Located in Allentown Pa. Would prefer not to ship and would like to sell as a whole. looking to get like 500. Im not...