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  1. W

    For Sale Complete 3 vessel turnkey HERMS Electric Brewery 15gal keggle 30 amp / 240v panel Raleigh, NC

    Selling a complete homebrew setup with fermentation chest freezer, and 3 tap kegerator. Would prefer to sell all together Located in Raleigh, NC This is a National Homebrew Competition gold medal winning system. Have made many great brews with high efficiency. Majority of hardware purchased...
  2. R

    For Sale (Indianapolis, IN) FOR SALE....custom built brew stand and ALL of the equipment

    Unfortunately, the time has come to sell all my homebrew stand and all the brewing stuff:(....... so I'm retiring. I want to sell all together but willing to consider selling individual for the right price. Asking $800 OBO for it all. This home brewing stand can operate in a semiautomatic or...
  3. neovox

    Michigan Keggles

    3 Keggles. One with two ports, and two with one port. Your choice. $60 each or all three for $150. Located in Wyandotte, MI. Pickup in Warren, MI also available.
  4. S

    For Sale Equipment spring cleaning sale (Phoenix AZ)

    I have a lot of equipment I no longer use and need to get rid of. 10 gallon Colorado brewing electric kettle -$50 15 gallon short circuited brewing electric kettle -$75 2 bottom drain keggle conversions, 1 with false bottom and wrapped in reflectix - free to pickup diy TC...
  5. H

    For Sale Keggle electric system for sale - Athens, GA

    I have three keggles set up to be a boil kettle, mash tun, and hot liquor tank. Wired for 120v but can easily be wired for 220v. Parts included can get you going with brewing but it's definitely pretty basic as-is and could be a lot more than I don't have the time or space for. Happy to answer...
  6. S

    Wisconsin HLT/Mashtun/Keggle - $50

    Clearing out some equipment that I haven't used recently. This is a keggle fitted with a weldless ball valve and sightglass. I used it as a HLT, but changing out the fitting it can easily be used as a mashtun. It has a tri clamp on the ball valve. Worked great for me, but I just don't use...
  7. M

    BIAB with a Keggle - 3rd batch and still LOW efficiency

    Hi homebrew community! In an attempt to find out what I could do better, I'd like to describe my brewing processes I just did yesterday, that resulted in me in an appearing 55% brewing efficiency of my batch yesterday. I'm quite frustrated obviously. If anyone experienced with that system may...
  8. Eric Tepe

    For Sale NorCal Conversion Kit - Keg / Keggle to Boil Kettle - Weldless

    Hi Everyone, I have a NorCal Weldless Keg Conversion Kit - Keg / Keggle to Boil Kettle for sale. It features a 15" Level 3 Jaybird false bottom with reverse hinge, handle, and hole (to block leaf hops and larger adjuncts such as orange peel from entering the dip tube). It includes all parts...
  9. Eric Tepe

    For Sale (So OH/ NKY) Stainless Keggle with Jaybird 3 stage false bottom

    Hi everyone, I have a stainless keggle with a NorCal 3 stage false bottom with weldless ball valve set up. The keggle is well used but in great shape. The false bottom is 3yo and used 12x. It sells for $160ish new. I am asking $125 for all of it. If you are within 2hrs or so, I will deliver. If...
  10. Golddiggie

    For Sale Boil Keggle for sale - NH

    Original owner/maker of the boil keggle. It's gone through a few changes over the years. Latest changes were to fit it for going electric. Of course, way back at the start I HAD to polish it up. Can be used with either an electric element (TC connection) or with a propane burner (cap for the...
  11. T

    For Sale Electric Brewery Starter System $500

    I built this system about 6 years ago with the intention of eventually building out to a full 3 vessel HERMS setup. I never quite got around to doing all of that, but I’ve used the system (Panel/Boil Kettle/Mash Tun) to brew about 10 batches and all works as expected. There’s some scratches and...
  12. Golddiggie

    For Sale One 25L (6.6 gallon) keg for aging/fermenting/small keggle

    Selling off the two one 25L keg I bought new around 2011. I had a ball lock base TIG welded into each of them for use with a gas post. This was to allow for CO2 push transfers. Can also be used to connect a spunding valve (or blowoff hose) if desired. The kegs come as pictured. These could also...
  13. CalForester

    For Sale Complete Keggle to Keg & Bottle System

    I brew professionally now so I’m selling my entire system. Everything you need to go from grain to glass except propane tanks, keeping those. Keggle brewhouse with 13.2 gal HLT and 15.5 gal mash & kettle, 3 burners, pump w/ waterproof switch, and my DIY overkill 50’ counterflow wort chiller...
  14. ale_man

    Maryland $325 last call before parting out price Drop - 3 vessel propane system

    1 keggle, with PICO false bottom, 80 qt Concord kettle with sight glass, 100 qt Concord kettle, stand with 1 Bayou Classic Banjo Burner and 1 Bayou Clasic cast iron burner, 2 chugger pumps, stainless steel immersion chiller, 7 m/F disconnects, 1 counterflow chiller, 2 Sanke sixtels. Will...
  15. marlinmatt

    For Sale Keggles

    Have a couple Keggles. Tops are cut. No ports for drain valve yet. I have one weldless ball valve, brand new, that could be easily installed on one. They are semi polished. One has the spear, which I have used for enclosing sight glass on previous builds. Keggle with spear 50.00 Keggle with...
  16. SmokeyRydr

    Tired of HERMS, considering RIMS

    I'm not real happy with my HERMS process flow and considering switching to RIMS. I'd like your advice. Rig: I've got a good 3-vessle set of Keggles & dual pumps. my HLT has a HERMS coil installed and a 120v electric heater w/ PID control. I run the boil kettle with a gas burner and don't run...
  17. T

    For Sale Electric Brewery Starter System $1000

    I built this system about 5 years ago with the intention of eventually building out to a full 3 vessel HERMS setup. I never quite got around to doing all of that, but I’ve used the system (Panel/Boil Kettle/Mash Tun) to brew about 10 batches and all works as expected. There’s some scratches and...
  18. mtbr_brewer

    Nebraska Polished e-Keggles (NEED TO SELL) - Free Shipping to IA, IL, NE, MN, ND, SD, & WI

    Hey All, Well these have been sitting in my basement for too long. I have two polished e-keggles I am looking to sell that were originally part of my e-HERMS. Only selling as I upgraded to Spike kettles. Both of these would be fantastic options for e-BIAB or two vessel system with the...
  19. ThunderKhajiit

    10 gal all grain equipment- keggle, mash tun, fermentors, pump, cfc

    SF south bay area/monterey bay. Keggle with valve-$40 Inverted rubber-coated keg mash tun, with standard dome false bottom-$50 1/2bbl keg used as fermenter for 10gal batches- $30 1/4bbl keg used as fermenter for 5 gal batches- $30 Ball lock tri-clover adapter, used to convert kegs to...
  20. N

    Keggle hot air from the burner melts the insulation

    Hi all, I have a direct fired mash tun made from a beer keg (50 liters). I am using armaflex for insulation, but the problem is when my burners are on, hot air from below is coming through the holes between the keg and its stand (holes that are already present on the keg). This hot air is...