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  1. R

    For Sale (Indianapolis, IN) FOR SALE....custom built brew stand and ALL of the equipment

    Unfortunately, the time has come to sell all my homebrew stand and all the brewing stuff:(....... so I'm retiring. I want to sell all together but willing to consider selling individual for the right price. Asking $800 OBO for it all. This home brewing stand can operate in a semiautomatic or...
  2. jlash630

    Illinois 3 vessel E HERMS Keggles for sale

    $400 I have 3 keggles for sale, (boil kettle, hot liquor tank, & mash tun). These Keggles all have 1/2" ball valves with quick connects (not cam locks). The BK & HLT have 5.5kW elements with junction boxes and cord/twist lock plugs.l, MT comes with false bottom. Located near...
  3. Golddiggie

    For Sale Boil Keggle for sale - NH

    Original owner/maker of the boil keggle. It's gone through a few changes over the years. Latest changes were to fit it for going electric. Of course, way back at the start I HAD to polish it up. Can be used with either an electric element (TC connection) or with a propane burner (cap for the...
  4. F

    Texas 10 Gallon All Grain Brewing Rig - Black Friday Special

    10 gallon all grain brewing rig. 3 16 gallon keggles + 2 pumps + 2 propane burners + locking silicone tubing - everything works great. $500 must go, hasn't been used and wife wants to reclaim garage space :) Tons of other supporting equipment available as well, too much to list or include in...
  5. M

    Connecticut New Keggle Brewing System

    Never used Keggle Brewing set Capacity: 20 gallon batches. Perfect for private home brewing or commercial brewery test batches. Photo of detailed information attached. Includes: (3) 25 gallon kettles (2) pumps (5) tri clover male fittings (2) tri clover female fittings (5) valves (3)...