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  1. R

    How do you go about serving with 100% Nitrogen?

    I'm wondering if anybody has experience serving with 100% Nitrogen. This is the process I'm currently planning to implement. CO2 Carbonation with the Carb Stone: Carb Stone: Connect your CO2 tank to the port with the carb stone. The carb stone, due to its porous nature, diffuses the CO2...
  2. mccamich

    When to carbonate?

    I'm planning on kegging a dry stout on Thursday, a blonde ale on Friday, and a lager next Wednesday. These are all brews I'm planning on bringing to a big backyard party 2 Saturdays from now. Should I... a) Keg the brews as planned, carbonate immediately, and store the carbonated brews until...
  3. D

    Kegs and Cold Crashing

    I keep my kegerator in my garage in Minnesota over the winter and it’s not heated. I bottle most of the winter. I’m in a situation where I have to keg a beer but only have about 48 hours available above freezing. The beer in the keg freezes when it hits 0 degrees outside, which it will be this...
  4. A

    Priming Sugar vs Co2

    Hi There, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to brewing as a whole (I have 3 brews under my belt at the moment) I’ve just purchased 2 corny kegs and would like some advice on carbonation if anyone can share there wisdom. From what I have been looking at so far, carbonating by co2 and...
  5. D

    New Jersey Blichmann Quick Carb Brand New

    Bought this Blichmann Quick Carb but I’ve never used it. Looking to clear out some gear. New at $180 + shipping, looking for $150. Prefer pickup in Hoboken, NJ but would be open to ship.
  6. P

    New Future Kegging Master Questions :)

    I've been brewing for nearly 20 years, but am just now kegging for the first time! Several questions: Is there a specific thread thread here for new kegger questions? I just racked my first batch in a keg - it's in the kegerator cooling right now. Can I let it set for several weeks before I...