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    Kegs and Cold Crashing

    I keep my kegerator in my garage in Minnesota over the winter and it’s not heated. I bottle most of the winter. I’m in a situation where I have to keg a beer but only have about 48 hours available above freezing. The beer in the keg freezes when it hits 0 degrees outside, which it will be this...
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    Priming Sugar vs Co2

    Hi There, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to brewing as a whole (I have 3 brews under my belt at the moment) I’ve just purchased 2 corny kegs and would like some advice on carbonation if anyone can share there wisdom. From what I have been looking at so far, carbonating by co2 and...
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    New Jersey Blichmann Quick Carb Brand New

    Bought this Blichmann Quick Carb but I’ve never used it. Looking to clear out some gear. New at $180 + shipping, looking for $150. Prefer pickup in Hoboken, NJ but would be open to ship.
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    New Future Kegging Master Questions :)

    I've been brewing for nearly 20 years, but am just now kegging for the first time! Several questions: Is there a specific thread thread here for new kegger questions? I just racked my first batch in a keg - it's in the kegerator cooling right now. Can I let it set for several weeks before I...