kegerator too cold

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  1. G

    Danby DKC645BLS Overchilled

    I have a Danby DKC645BLS. I’ve been having problems with it working. I thought maybe the compressor was busted. I put in a new relay on the compressor and it still don’t kick the compressor on. Not sure why but I turned the temperature down to 36F and it kicked on and chilled the kegerator...
  2. ivangrajales

    Building Kegerator for my New Restaurant Bar

    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. Here it goes: I’m opening in a couple of months a bar/restaurant and I will like to have a kegerator. But I will like to built it my self. Therefore, I want to know what’s the recommended size for a business and...
  3. L

    Kegerator too cold, frozen keg

    I have a frosty keg kegerator that has been running perfectly for several years. On initial purchase I had to adjust the position of the temp sensor in order to get under 40 degrees. I must have pulled the wire on my last reload and the sensor moved. The temp went in to the twenties and I...