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    Tennessee Kegco 3-Tap Kegerator

    I have a Kegco 3-Tap Kegerator for sale. This includes 3 ball lock beer and gas taps, 5 pound CO2 tank, Perlick flow control faucets, metal guard ring for the top of the kegerator, drip tray. I am located in Nashville, TN. Kegco Kegerator - $525 OBO
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    Arrgghh - leaking from backside of regulator (photo)

    Spent 3 hours setting up my used and had water at 25 psi for 12 hours. Came back this morning and upped the pressure to 50psi and started hearing a leak from this middle valve. I am brand new to this and don't know what the valve is for or how to fix this. This valve leaks at lower pressure now...