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  1. rac3850

    Racetrack Post Insert & Poppet, and Liquid Tube Parts Hack

    I just picked up a few Racetrack 5 gallon ball lock kegs. They are all Firestones, which I think are the basic early Challenger model. Of course they were old and crusty and needed a thorough cleaning, from which I learned their "anatomy" and unique replacement parts issues. There are...
  2. gjcourt

    California Sanke Sixtel Kegs

    $25 each, 5 available, San Francisco local pickup only
  3. M

    New Mexico 6 ball lock kegs with extras

    Going back to bottling as well as moving, so no need for the gear anymore. All six kegs recently taken apart and cleaned fitting by fitting, and have zero pressure issues. What's available: - Six ball lock kegs with all fittings and beer/gas quick disconnects - Four way manifold - Two gauge...
  4. P

    Kegerator Line Question

    Hi All! New to the forum, hoping some of you can share some wisdom. I am hoping to change a rather dirty draft line and I encountered an issue when taking apart the kegerator coupler. Please see the attached photos. Can anyone tell me if that cinched piece of metal is closing the tube down...
  5. giraffeman

    Spartanburg "Challenger VI "Help

    I was given a Spartanburg "Challenger VI" keg with the one stainless handle , but it had no dip tubes (post or gas). I need some help in determining the size of the tubes so I can order replacements. The liquid side is a straight one but the length is what I question. From looking around I...