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  1. C

    SOS from the wonderful Mexican mountains. Back sweetened, keggin and big cuestions

    Goodnight. Being 10:40 p.m., on a cold night in the deep mountains of Mexico, a group of enthusiasts are very interested in rescuing a method of making Mexican artisanal cider that came from France in the 19th century according to our sources and this is where I enter, in this great problem...
  2. AntDoctor

    Keezer cycling question

    I know this seems to get brought up all the time, but I'm worried my homemade keezer is cycling too often. I think it's a 5 or 7 cu ft freezer, without any external modifications (I just ran two wires in under the lid and gasket). I'm using a temperature probe that's hanging and measuring the...
  3. Gruel

    compact peltier cooled carboy setup

    Hi, I'm new here. I did a bit of a search for peltier cooled brewing setups, and it sounds like people are not having much luck with them, so I thought I'd post my compact setup that seems to be working ok. I just started brewing again after a ten year break. For various reasons (smaller...