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  1. AsherF

    Seltzer Agitation

    Ok so I know there have been a lot of ridiculous questions about using a magnetic stirrer on a keg, but I think I have a real use for it. I am looking to agitate a 3 gal keg I use for seltzer. I have a waterline and float set up so that it always stays full, and I don't have to constantly fill...
  2. Bria

    Stuck fermentation? Dead yeast? Help!

    Hi all, Just returned home from the holiday break to keg a batch of oatmeal stout. As I was racking into the keg I gave the beer a sniff, and it is way sweet. This used to happen to me all the time with darker beers until a friend and fellow brewer suggested double-yeasting. That cleared up the...
  3. SFC Rudy

    Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump

    I purchased this pump and used it to transfer from fermenter to keg. The beer foamed through the outlet hose into the keg. I'm assuming that is CO2 being knocked out of solution; I use my "improvised" test of lowering a...