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  1. AntDoctor

    From wort to serving: What are the disadvantages of this lazy brewing setup?

    As I lay awake last night, insomnia running wild, I spent a long time thinking about the laziest (and cheapest) brewing setup that I could possibly imagine. It's not quite automated, but it does remove most of the headaches I experience post-boil. Let me hear your thoughts on this possible...
  2. C

    Keg pressurisation mad thought

    We need to pressurise kegs but do we need co2? The main washer on my kingkeg is dead and I can't get one. I have had a bizarre idea. I have a football bladder and thought I'll cut it up but then thought why not sterilise it and inflate it in the barrel. I could inflate with air and save money on...
  3. D

    Same bad bitter moldy orange flavor to all of my IPA's

    Hi folks, I've been brewing for half a decade now (all extract or partial mash), and made the transition to kegs about 2 years ago. Since then, I've made some good hefes, some good oktoberfests, and a cream ale that wasn't half bad. However, I've made half a dozen kits from MoreBeer, and...