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  1. D

    Storing beer in corny keg?

    Once again, asking those who are more knowledgeable… How long can I store beer in a corny keg? I have a few kegs, and if I was to fill them all with beer, would I need to keep them all connected to co2? Or could I force carb them as I needed to? Would they need to be kept refrigerated? Or...
  2. P


    Hello all, So I may be stupid. Truly a dummy. Or maybe not. I don't know. All I know is, I've purchased two separate systems for pouring kegged beer, and I've had the same problem with each one. Foamy beer and flat kegs. For further clarification, a couple months ago I purchased a kegerator...
  3. C

    Major Ice Build Up In My Coffin Kegerator

    I built a coffin kegerator about six months ago. Made for four taps but just has one installed currently. Put my first beer in about four months ago and kicked it about a month ago. I’ve been sooo busy I have been unable to clean my lines out or brew another beer until now. Kept the kegerator...
  4. Hop_monster_

    Unrefrigerated Kegs

    So I’m gonna be moving and have two home brew kegs still on tap. Will they be ok left unrefrigerated for 24 hours after transporting? Do I have to leave the kegerator sitting upright for 24 hours after transporting or if it’s transported standing would there be no need? If I don’t need the...
  5. JoaoPCF

    Gas Problems with 2L Mini-Keg

    Hi everyone, I recently got a mini keg to serve homebrew beer, cider, and kombucha on draught but unfortunately, I believe the gas regulator arrived damaged. After fitting the CO2 cartridge I can’t get any beer out of the tap and I'm sure there is still beer in the keg. According to my...
  6. BryggAnton

    Drinking straight out from fermenting keg

    Hey folks! I'm just woundering for curiosity sake. Have anyone tried drinking out from their fermenting keg as a final product with their beer already self carbonated/ forced carbonated? I guess if you dont mind the yeast why not? But mabye cutting of your pickup tube a little bit.
  7. C

    Keg pressurisation mad thought

    We need to pressurise kegs but do we need co2? The main washer on my kingkeg is dead and I can't get one. I have had a bizarre idea. I have a football bladder and thought I'll cut it up but then thought why not sterilise it and inflate it in the barrel. I could inflate with air and save money on...
  8. T

    Help with first time build

    I finally finished my kegerator build last night, only to wake up this morning to find that the compressor went out on the old mini fridge I was using overnight. Today, I went to bestbuy and bought a Frigidaire model FFPE4533UM, to try and get things going again since I have a full, pressurized...
  9. M

    New Mexico 6 ball lock kegs with extras

    Going back to bottling as well as moving, so no need for the gear anymore. All six kegs recently taken apart and cleaned fitting by fitting, and have zero pressure issues. What's available: - Six ball lock kegs with all fittings and beer/gas quick disconnects - Four way manifold - Two gauge...
  10. S

    Having a hiccup while trying to force carb keg. Help needed

    Okay. I am new to homebrewing but have a pretty nice setup. I have a pin keg I just transferred my pale ale into. While connecting the white plastic connector to the gas "in" side, I tried setting the pressure and I found it is leaking out of the plastic piece. Does this need to be replaced? Or...
  11. V

    Ohio 3 Used Pin Lock Kegs $75 for all 3

    Not much to say here - 3 used pin lock kegs for $25 a piece. All still hold pressure and have all new o rings (new from time of original purchase each has held a few brews). Only reason I'm selling is I need narrow footprint for my new kegerator. Includes two sets of QDs too (mfl). Local pickup...
  12. M

    Help - How do I keg non carbonated beer (UK real ale)

    Ello ladies and gents, I have a passion for Real Ale, like we do in the UK. Drink it mild / room temp and essentially flat. So the challenge I have is I'd like to keg the stuff into a mini keg for a bbq. However, I don't want to use Co2 as this will carbonate the brew. Any idea /...