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  1. C

    Connecticut 10 gallon E-Herms system *REDUCED*

    10 Gallon E-Herms system for brewing beer. This is a Kal Clone, with a 30 amp/220v brewery control with 2x5500 watt elements. Included is 2 fast fermenters with wall rack and floor stand, hop spider, plate chiller, stainless mash paddle, and 2x5gallon kegs.Has worked great for me for years...
  2. drthrob

    For Sale Kal's Electric Brewery Setup for Sale (Little Rock, Arkansas)

    10 gallon system or 1/2 BBL with antifoam (I did this regularly). (3) 20 gallon Blichmann pots. It is completely stainless and has 5500W elements (I think I have a few extra) in the HLT and boil pot. 50A HighGravity control panel pictured and included. I recently sent the panel back to them and...
  3. Z

    For Sale 10gallon HERMS Electric Brewery (Kal clone)

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting out of the hobby, selling all my stuff. For sale is a "Kal Electric Brewery" clone. 240V, 30A, 20Gallon Blichman G1 kettles (5 or 10gallon batches) It is identical to Kal's clone with the exception of stainless steel March pump heads, and I whirl-pooled in the boil...