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  1. S

    Help with k-rims idea

    Hey everyone so I have an Anvil Foundry currently and have been wanting to upgrade to something bigger. I have been going back and fourth and my question is can I buy a ss brewtech infusion mash tun and run a continuous loop into my Anvil and back in to the mash tun as a form of K-RIMs? Similar...
  2. G

    For Sale Brew-in-a-Conical System: $2500

    Mash, boil and ferment all in one compact vessel! This 6-gallon batch size electric homebrew system uses the "brew-in-a-conical" ("BIAC") technique to allow all-grain brewing in a single compact vessel. While the mash and lauter steps are similar to a kettle-RIMS (K-RIMS) technique, the BIAC...
  3. mcoratti76

    2 Vessel K-RIMS Gas Setup Question

    I am just getting started with all grain and building a starter system using some equipment I already have, while picking up some new pieces. Eventually, I want to go with an electric RIMS tube and PID to better control mash temp. For now, I am planning to use a 2 vessel system, MLT gravity fed...
  4. J

    2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig, All-Grain Method --> Recipe size and type??BIAB?

    Hoping I can get some clarification into the new brewing rig that I recently built and setup. I will be using an all grain method. Here are some specifications: 2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig: Two 15G Vessels - (1) contains the 5500W heating element (BK, HLT) and the other (2) operates as a...