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  1. D

    Dark coloured bubbles on top - mold or fine?

    I'm trying to ferment a jug of grape juice with fleischmanns bread yeast. A very thick layer of bubbles formed on top of it after a couple hours, but the top half of said bubble layer is a very dark purple. The drink itself is kinda that same colour, but I still worry that it might be mold...
  2. Bertramhage

    Methods to increase yield of low-yield apples?

    I have some apples that yields quite a low amount of juice compared to other ones. Does anyone have experience with ways to increase the juice yield of such apples. Have been considering freezing them or using a coarser cloth. (I’m currently using a regular grater mill and basket press)
  3. Ephraim

    Hello, please how can I extend natural juice shell life to 6 months ?

    Hello Please I own a small natural juice business, I wish to extend the juice shell life to 6 months after pasteurising, please I need more tips on how to go about it, pls if any one can guide me I will appreciate. Thanks
  4. duelerx

    Lallemand Verdant IPA Ale

    Seems this yeast is alredy available in the UK, some claim this to be the dried version of Wyeast London Ale III 1318/Imperial Juice: https://waterintobeer.co.uk/products/lallemand-verdant-ipa-ale-yeast-11g If someone in the UK has a chance with this yeast give us a review comparing with 1318?.
  5. N

    Trader Joe's Pink Lady juice

    Public service announcement: I went to my local Trader Joe's today and saw that they now have Pink Lady apple juice/cider as well as the Honeycrisp. It wasn't there a week or so ago. It's in 64 ounce (half gallon) bottles. Just like the Honeycrisp it is not from concentrate and unfiltered...
  6. B

    Questions about juice efficiency

    Hello HBT community, This site and its community is fantastic and has been a staple in my research when brewing and vinting, so thank you all! I looked pretty hard to find info before posting, but I haven’t had much luck. I’m seeking any intel you folks might have on the following: What is...
  7. S

    Fruit: How and When to Add?

    About to embark on my first batch of mead making, and I’d like to make a cherry mead, but am finding myself wracked with indecision as to the variety of methods of introducing the fruit, when, and how. I know I could add cherries to the primary fermentation or secondarily, and that the flavors...
  8. A

    My 4 newest ciders are fermenting

    I think I'm still a beginner to novice at this homebrewing gig, but it's a lot of fun. Here's my previous project, which was an apple mead: 1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/369207806550736900/484715442989039636/IMG_20180828_091310.jpg 2...
  9. K

    Imperial Yeast A38 Juice

    So I'm a fairly new homebrewer, using Imperial Yeast's A38 Juice for an NEIPA this weekend for the first time. I'm wondering if I should propagate a starter for it? My target post boil OG is 1.067. I appreciate any help!
  10. JedSmithBrewery

    Carbing with Apple Juice?

    Ok well the general consensus is that 3/4 cup of dextrose is the standard for carbing a five gallon batch of....well...anything. I was trying to stay away from refined sugars in this batch so would it be ok to substitute apple juice for the dextrose. Because there are around 200 grams of...